Cloth Diaper Demo Kit

Consider Cloth Kit - Childbirth educators! Demo kits for professionals explain diapers to clients. Click here to order now!

Real Diaper Industry Association (RDIA) has put together Consider Cloth Kits that include an example of each diaper type (AIO, Pocket, Fitted, Flat, Contour, Wool Diaper Cover, PUL Diaper Cover and Wet Bag), and brochures filled with information on cloth diapering. Some contents will vary depending on materials donated.

If you are a doula, midwife, childbirth educator or lactation educator, we would like you to have a Consider Cloth Kit to demonstrate reusable cloth diapers to your clients.

What Is in the Kit?

Each kit will most likely include the following items depending on stock*:

  • All-in-one Diaper
  • Diaper Cover
  • Pocket Diaper
  • Fitted Diaper
  • Flat Diaper
  • Cloth Wipe
  • Diaper Fastener
  • Detergent Samples
  • Full-Color Brochures

* Final contents of the kits depend on generous donations made by RDIA manufacturers. Contents not guaranteed. Kits are available to qualified childbirth educators.

Feedback from Childbirth Educators

The kit is wonderful, the diapers are all high quality and I like how they are the actual brands I would recommend to my clients. Thank you!
K.R., CD. LC, Illinois
Absolutely! The kit helped me gain a better understanding of the different types of cloth diapering available today. Thank you!
M.D., CD, Washington
VERY few people in our area are educated about cloth diapers HOWEVER it seems like more and more our clients are “jumping on the bandwagon!” It would be VERY beneficially to have a kit like this to show clients about the various options in cloth diapering. Thank you.
L.K., CD, CLC, Missouri
I talk to many families about cloth diapering and this would be a wonderful addition to that discussion, it is always easier if you have something to show them. I used cloth diapers and have a strong passion for passing on this info we love using cloth. I think this is such a great idea, thanks for doing this.
A.G., DONA, Maryland
What a great resource, thanks!
J.D., LD, Texas
I have been wanting to find a resource like this for such a long time – everyone in my classes asks about cloth diapers, and I am very excited to be able to show them a number of options and really educate them on the topic. Thank you!
S.W., CLA, Oregon
We are a group of three LMs that provide homebirth services only. Lately we have been asked (quite often) what are the best diapers? We both used cloth diapers but our babies are in their late 20’s and my how things have changed! Thank you for the opportunity to be able to provide “hands on materials.”
D.R., LM, Florida
I would love the kits. I often try to encourage my clients to use cloth diapers for a variety of reasons. Many of them have outdated ideas about cloth and it would be fantastic to be able to show them some of the new styles/models/options available to them.
R.W., RM, Ontario, Canada

Kits Moving Out!

July-ship-stackConsider Cloth Kits have been assembled with cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories from all over the U.S. and Canada in two locations: Utah for U.S. shipping (thanks to All Together Diaper) and Montreal for shipping to Canada (thanks to Bummis).

Since we began this program in 2009, we have distributed over 800 Consider Cloth Kits to qualified, registered doulas, childbirth educators, midwives, birthing center directors and lactation educators childbirth educators. RDIA has also distributed kits at the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) conferences and Lamaze conference.

Consider Cloth diaper demo kits are being shipped every week from U.S. and Canada. If you are a childbirth educator and you would like a Consider Cloth Kit to demonstrate cloth diapers to your clients, submit your details here.

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