About Us

Sponsored by
Real Diaper Industry Association

Consider Cloth is sponsored by the like-minded business owners and members of the Real Diaper Industry Association, a 501(c)(6) trade association promoting the cloth diaper industry. The association was founded September 2008.

Most of us started our businesses as parents of young children. We found that cloth diapers work for us, and we want to support other parents in using cloth diapers. We do what we do for you.

You have questions about cloth diapers,
We have answers!

Our Mission

The Real Diaper Industry Association strives to make reusable cloth diapers the primary choice for babies’ parents and caregivers while emphasizing responsibility and sustainability through a focus on people, planet and profit. RDIA works toward these goals by providing service and opportunities through business education, industry research, collaborative marketing and group benefits.

Our Members

We are manufacturers, retailers, diaper services and artisan manufacturers whose business models cover a full range from home businesses to small-town stores to large manufacturers working out of warehouses and more. Some of us are new to the industry while others have been in business for decades. All of us chose the business we are in because we care about the health and well-being of
babies and their families.

Visit our member businesses online and in person. Ask them about cloth diapers.

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