Washing cloth diapers is easy with today’s cloth diapers and helpful accessories, like flushable liners and diaper sprayers (attached to your toilet).

Don’t want to wash diapers yourself? Find a diaper service near you, and they will wash the diapers for you. They pick up dirty diapers from your doorstep and leave clean diapers in their place. That is the easiest way to use cloth diapers.

Washing diapers at home and need help? The cloth diaper Manufacturers who make the diapers and the Retailers who sell you the diapers are happy to help you find a wash routine that works for you.

For an easy 5-step cloth diaper laundry process and to learn the basic laundry science about why these steps work to get your diapers clean, see the Real Diaper Association’s cloth diaper washing guidelines.

5 easy steps for cloth diaper laundry

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