Today’s Cloth Diapers

Every cloth diaper system has two functions: absorb moisture and repel moisture. These functions can be integrated into one system or separated in a two-part system.

Integrated Cloth Diaper Systems

These diapers have both waterproof covers and absorbent layers sewn together for quick diaper changes.

All-in-One Diaper
All-in-One Diapers: As easy to use as disposables, consisting of a waterproof outer shell and absorbent inner layers, fitted with elasticized legs and waist, Velcro or snap closures. The inner fabric can be made with natural fibers like cotton, hemp, or rayon made from bamboo — or synthetic fabrics such as absorbent polyester microfiber with stay-dry lining of polyester fleece.
Advantage: Convenience
Pocket Diaper
Pocket Diapers: Features a waterproof exterior, a stay-dry polyester fleece lining, elasticized legs and waist with snap or Velcro closures. Similar to an all-in-one but equipped with pocket that can be stuffed with various absorbent pads.
Advantage: Customized absorbency

Two-part Cloth Diapering Systems

These consist of a separate absorbent diaper and a waterproof outer cover that can be reused through several diaper changes.

Flat Prefold, or Countour Diaper
Flat, Prefold, or Contour Diapers: Simple rectangles that can be folded, multi-layered prefolds that need less folding, or shaped contour diapers that require no folding. Usually made of cotton or hemp, these diapers can be secured with pins or clips, or used pinless when placed into a wrap-around diaper cover with Velcro or snaps.
Advantage: Economical
Fitted Diaper
Fitted Diapers: Shaped diapers that have elastic in the legs and waist for extra containment and Velcro or snap closures. Can be made of natural fabrics or synthetic fabrics.
Advantage: Extra leak protection
Cloth Diaper Cover
Diaper Covers: Flat, prefold or fitted diapers become a complete diapering system when used with a waterproof diaper cover. The cover can be a pull-on style or a wrap-around style, closing with Velcro or snaps. Materials commonly used are polyester (PUL), coated nylon, laminated cotton, or wool.
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